DIY: Wedding Flower Ornament

Looking for a creative way to save your wedding flowers? Dry your flowers and make this creative DIY Christmas ornament!

What do you do with your leftover wedding flowers? Sure you can simply dry them or even press them but then what? Put the pressed flowers in a photo frame? That's not the only option you've got, my friends! Today I present to you an easy peezy do it yourself tutorial to make a beautiful Christmas ornament out of your dried wedding bouquet. It only takes two materials and it's so very easy but still makes a lovely gift for family.

Here's what you need:

I didn't even think to save my wedding bouquet. We may have been in a bit of a rush. But my mom had them saved for me when we got back from Boston! Aside from your dried flowers, you'll also need clear plastic or glass ball ornaments. I opted for plastic ones because 1) they won't break and since I'm uber clumsy and have a baby coming, non-breakable things are awesome and 2) they were only $1 at the craft store. Can't beat that with a stick.

Here's what you do:

Pull the dried flowers off and put them inside the ornament. It's as easy as that. The way that my flowers dried it worked best to put more petals in than whole flowers but depending on how you dry them that may be different.

And the finished product:

You could add a bit of ribbon in your wedding colors or a little tag that says something like "Seth & Abby June 21, 2013" or whatever your names are and wedding date was. You get the idea.

This is a wonderful keepsake for yourself and for your family to remember your special day during a very special time of the year! Merry Christmas everybody!!