DIY Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Looking to DIY some Christmas ornaments? Whether they're for your own tree or you plan on giving them as gifts, this list of DIY ornaments is awesomely helpful!

This year I am very excited to be participating in the

Merry Mail Ornament Exchange

hosted by






, and


. Unfortunately exchange is no longer open for people to submit their addresses to to give/get homemade ornaments but what's stopping you from sending your friends that are abroad some homemade love for their Christmas trees? Heres a collection of a few diy ornaments you could make and gift this season!


Simple Sweater Heart Ornaments

: cozy up somebody's Christmas with these sweet and easy ornaments (that kids and pets can't break!)    2//

Memory Key Ornament

: the perfect gift for your old roommate, turn your old apartment key into an ornament that they can keep forever     3//

Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Ornaments

: this is a quick project that looks gorgeous, you could even make a garland with bunches of them     4//

Salt Dough Ornaments

: this is a kid-friendly project that you probably made in elementary school, but are made modern with stamps     5//

Painted Glass Balls

: this is a cheap project that only takes two materials and they look classy and modern when completed     6//

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Balls

: this is another easy project to cozy up any Christmas tree     7//

Thrifted Sweater Ornaments

: I have a huge pile of old clothes to use for sewing projects and this is a perfect project for those old sweaters     8//

Chalkboard Christmas Balls

: give a friend a gift and a message in one

What are you planning to DIY this Christmas season?



P.S. Check back on my blog Dec. 16th to see what I made and what I got from those in my group:




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