Christmas Decor Inspiraiton

I refuse to put up one single piece of Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving. I refuse. But as we are less than forty days away from Christmas day, it's time to start thinking about decorations. As this is my first Christmas not living in my parent's house and it's me and Seth's first Christmas as a married couple in our first home, we have absolutely zero Christmas decorations. And Seth loves Christmas decorations. I do too, but I'm more of a planner with things like this, Seth just likes to go crazy with lights. As I am starting from scratch this year, I've started

compiling inspiration on Pinterest

(duh!) and I thought I would share a few of my favorite ideas with you. I also need your help choosing which way to go with the decor so leave your input below in the comments!

I have some pine cones that I got as fall decor but I could totally repurpose them into a project like

this one from The Sweetest Occasion


I adore the look of beautiful simple wreaths like this one that I found

via La Buena Vida


Since it's our first Christmas I obviously have to buy everything including ball ornaments. I've been loving bright

ones like on this tree

, what's your opinion?

If I do end up going with the brighter ornaments I would want bright decor elsewhere as well. We don't have a mantle but I'm sure I could find a place for adorable little trees

like these ones


We have a chandelier in the dining room that I'm hoping to decorate and this is the perfect idea! I could tie together

this project

with the previous pine cone project! Perfection!!

I have a weird obsessions with hoarding magazines. I have a few that are pretty old and I will probably never open again and I should have known that

Martha would have a project

to reuse my old magazines.


mini wreath project

(thanks again, Martha) would be adorable on the window above my kitchen sink!

For even more Christmas decorating inspiration, don't forget to check out my

Pinterest board

. What is inspiring you this holiday season?