10 Week Pregnancy Update + Ultrasound Photos

Oh look, an awkward picture of me with horrible framing, shadows, and just awkwardness. Hey, at least I got a pregnancy update up finally. So as you can see I am showing just a wee little bit, I haven't gained any weight so far but things are changing! This week we also had our first ultrasound which was absolutely amazing! Both Seth and I could not stop smiling for the entire night! Baby Barstow is 100% healthy and right on track for 10 weeks. Baby is one inch long, active and moving around, it has all four limbs, and we even got to hear the heartbeat! I could not believe that we heard the heartbeat already at just 10 weeks!! It's beating 162 beats per minute which is perfect. We are so thankful for a healthy and beautiful little baby. I cannot wait to see it again!! Now for the details like

Anna Saccone

does in her pregnancy updates (once I'm showing a bit more I'm going to do measurements, and I'm not comfortable giving out how much I weight but I will say how many pounds I've gained total):

How Far Along:

 10.5 weeks

Weight Gained So Far:

 0 pounds

Maternity Clothes?:

Not yet. I do have to use a small hair tie to tie instead of button my jeans closed.

Stretch Marks?:

So far I don't think I've seen too many new ones. I do have a lot leftover from my fluctuating weight gain before, during, and after treatment but no new ones.


 Not sleeping well at all. I'm ready for sleep at eight o'clock every single night, I wake up multiple times in the middle of the night to pee and have a hard time falling back asleep. If I don't get at least 10 hours of sleep every night I feel it and need a nap in the middle of the day.

Best Moment

of the Week:

 Seeing baby for the first time at the ultrasound. Made it all so much more real.


The horrid food aversions are getting just a smidge better and I've started actually getting hungry like a normal person.

Labor Signs?:



Indigestion, slight nausea in the late afternoon/early evening, fatigue, trouble sleeping, sore and tender breasts, constant urination, some body aches.

Wedding Rings On or Off?:



 Yesterday I was pretty grumpy, I didn't sleep well the night before. For the most part I think I'm pretty happy except for when I get tired. And when I saw grumpy I mostly mean super sassy and sarcastic. 

We go to the doctors again this coming Tuesday for our "intake" appointment where we will go over all sorts of family history and what each trimester will look like. I'll have another pregnancy update for you at 12 weeks!

An update at 10 weeks along in my first pregnancy