Recipe: Pumpkin Swirl Cocoa Brownies [guest post]

The gooest, fudgiest brownies out there...with pumpkin swirls! SO GOOD! #littlecitykitchen

First of all friends, I would like to apologize for being MIA all week. You'll find out more about my adventures this week in a little while. Promise, just be patient but trust me it was an exciting week! 

Today I have a guest post over on

Foreign Room

for Pumpkin Swirl Cocoa Brownies. These brownies are perfectly fudge-y, chocolate-y brownies but with a wonderful touch of pumpkin swirled in there. And yes, the are as amazing as they sound. So head on over to

Jess' blog

and read up on my recipe. I promise you won't regret it!