East vs. West: Lunch Spots & GIVEAWAY

Welcome to this week's edition of East vs West! A lovely collab with my friend Jess, over on

Foreign Room

. At a reader's request (thanks,


!) we are discussing our favorite lunch spots in our respective cities (mine is Lancaster, PA and Jess' is San Francisco, CA). But I couldn't possible choose just one spot; I have too many favorites! So today I thought I would briefly discuss


 different places that serve up awesome lunches with Instagram photos (if I've got some for that place). Make sure you enter the awesome, awesome giveaway that Jess and I have for you folks. You do need to enter on both blogs because

one person

will win


 gift packages (one from me and one from Jess) but more on that after the restaurant stuffs.

Rachel's Cafe & Creperie

//201 W Walnut St//tues-fri 7am-8pm  sat 9am-8pm  sun 9am-3pm//

turkey club crepe

A bit of a disclaimer first: they recently moved from N Queen St to W Walnut and I have yet to visit their new location but I've heard it's amazing! Rachel's is one of me and Seth's favorite places when we are going for a spontaneous dinner because their food is consistent, unique and delicious. As you may be able to tell from their name Rachel's serves crepes as well as cafe style drinks. They also have a few salad options but why would you go to Rachel's Cafe & Creperie just to get a salad?! And their smoothies are bangin'! Without a doubt, Seth and I both love the Turkey Club Crepe the most and I always get a smoothie or nutella hot chocolate to go with. So good! Going to Rachel's is an experience because the cooks work their best to get perfectly cooked and consistent crepes so you do need to be patient but trust me, it's well worth the wait!

Fork N Spoon

//126 N Prince St//tues-fri 8am-3pm  sat 8am-3pm  sun 9am-3pm//

Fork N Spoon is a newer addition to the Prince Street dining experience and is quite unique because of 1) they are open for very short amounts of time and 2) they change their menu on a weekly basis. My first experience dining here was for a staff meeting, for Prince Street Cafe, the first summer Fork N Spoon was open and I instantly fell in love. I believe what I got was some sort of lemon curd pancake or French toast topped with fresh mixed berries and the last time I went I was there for their lunch hours and got an amazing buffalo chicken sandwich. I would say go for brunch if you have a sweet tooth and go for lunch if you're in the mood for a delicious sandwich.

Lancaster Central Market

//23 N Market St//tues & fri 6am-4pm  sat 6am-2pm//

I will forever love Market and support Market and encourage others to visit our lovely little Market. Lancaster Central Market is "the country's oldest continuously operating farmer's market." That's what's up! We get so many tourists that come to Lancaster just to visit the oldest market and they are all for Shoofly Pies and whoopie pies and other local delicacies. Obviously as a "farmer's market," we (and I say we because I work at the bakery's stand at least one day a week) have multitudes of fresh and local produce but there is also baked goods (duh!), meats and cheeses, foreign foods (I love the thai food and African food stands), and prepared foods like wraps and pastas. Local business peoples, who get like an hour for their lunch breaks, are always traipsing through market to get pasta salads from The Goodie Shop or wraps from S. Clyde Weaver's. There's always something yummy to find at market.

Prince St Cafe

//15 N Prince St//mon-sun 6:30am-11pm//

I've already talked about Prince St

a few weeks ago

for East vs West so I won't babble too much about this place. But if you don't know, this is my former workplace so I've gotta talk nice about it. I love sitting at the cafe nowadays and chatting with my friends who work there and sipping on some hot chocolate. As for food, the menu changes twice a year, once at the beginning of summer and again at the beginning of fall. They always bring back the "customer favorites" but throw in a few unique items as well. I guess that's all I'm going to say for now because you should just

go read my post from awhile back


La Dolce Vita

//9 N Duke St//mon-thurs 7am-5pm  fri 7am-6pm  sat 7am-5pm//

turkey BLT

La Dolce Vita is known for their delicious and authentic Italian desserts (we actually got a huge

the wedding

) but what most people don't know is that they also have amazing sandwiches and coffee drinks. They have a few outside tables for when the weather is warmer but there are a few window-counter seats as well. The last time I was there was a bit ago to be honest, it was the day Seth and I went to the courthouse to get our marriage license a month before the wedding. It's such a unique little cafe with hidden deliciousness with their lunch foods and if you're visiting Lancaster you have to at least stop there for desserts. 

assorted tray for

And now for the bestest part of this post...THE GIVEAWAY!

Jess and I have planned a


 giveaway as a way to celebrate the end of this fun series that we have both enjoyed so very much! The one mandatory part of the giveaway is that you MUST enter on


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This giveaway is only open to residents of the continental United States. This is in no way sponsored, I purchased all of this with my own money. 

Keep reading to see what I'm giving away and don't forget to go visit

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When planning what to giveaway for this, I wanted to pick things that would 1) ship well and 2) represented Lancaster in some way since this whole series has been about our respective cities. So I settled on the following items:

1 lb single-origin coffee beans and logo mug from Prince Street Cafe

// this particular bean is their

Mexico (Santa Tereas)

 bean and the label describes the scent/taste profile as

"butter croissant and cherry aromatics. In cup, vanilla spice cake and cola with a delicate mouth feel."

 This was always may favorite brew back when I drank caffeine and is considered a medium roast. I had these beans ground for your immediate enjoyment for an auto-drip coffee maker. And the mug. Seth and I both have one of these mugs and for both of us it is our all-time favorite mug. I chose these two gifts for ya because

I blogged about Prince Street awhile back


1 pair black rosebud earrings

// I found these earrings at


and I knew immediately that they had to be part of the giveaway. They are from a brad called

Pink Andie

 and are made 100% with locally-found or vintage materials. And these particular earrings are made with a vintage flower mold; so awesome!

1 local handmade dish scrubby

// I know what you're thinking. Really, Abby? A dish scrubby in a giveaway?! The awesome and slightly funny part of this little guy is that it's made with plastic bags from a local gas station chain called Turkey Hill. Now I know most of you are not from PA and therefore do not know the wonders of Turkey Hill ice cream, iced tea, and lemonades. But trust me, their stuff is delish. Since Turkey Hill is something unique to PA I thought it only appropriate that the plastic bags turned dish scrubby be included since I can't ship ice cream.

2 local handmade t-shirt bracelets

//I was scouring a local shop for just one more thing to add to the giveaway and instead of one, I got you two! These bracelets were made by a local artisan are super cute and comfy! They are self tie, so they will fit everybody. 

So that's everything that I'm giving away, go check out what you could win in conjunction to all this good stuff, over on

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