How To: Organize Your Pinterest Like A Pro

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What's that? You're so OCD that you alphabetize your Pinterest boards and redo boards on a monthly basis? Well don't you worry, you and I have a lot in common. My favorite part about Pinterest is the organizing. No, I'm not kidding. Organizing helps me de-stress and calm my anxiety so Pinterest is almost as good as a Xanax for me. Today, I thought that I would show all of you how I organize

my Pinterest boards


I for real use every single one of my 97 boards. Whether it's for inspiration, information, a recipe, or to keep track of products, I use every board just about every single week. Thus, it's important to me that my boards be easy to find. I recommend alphabetizing your boards. Yes, this is a pain in the behind but it will save you so much time in the future. Promise! Not sure how to move the boards around? Read on...

By left clicking and holding the mouse on a particular board, you can move it all around until it's in the perfect spot. Maybe someday Pinterest will have a simple button that you can click and it will automatically alphabetize things for you, but at least with this was it is rather calming.

About once a month or so, when I'm bored or have an entire evening to myself, I'll go through a few boards and make sure that all (or at least most of) the links direct to the appropriate site and that the site has the information necessary (important to check for recipes). Now, for boards that are solely a source of inspiration (like



Day Dreams

) checking the link isn't as necessary. Obviously, this step isn't hugely important to staying organized on Pinterest but it helps when you're in a rush to find a recipe and keep finding that none of the links go to the actual recipe.

Lastly, keep your boards fresh and up to date. Eventually, things get un-inspiring, that's just life. So every other month or more I completely delete boards (one at a time to save your sanity) and start anew. You may find a few of the same pins but that's okay, it just means they're super awesome, and you may find some brand new things that you wouldn't have found otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! What are your tips to organizing your Pinterest boards and do you love Pinterest as much as I do?! Be sure to

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