Final Update: 19 Before 20

As you may have heard, last week (September 18th to be exact) was my twentieth birthday!! Maybe now people won't give me weird looks when I tell them my age and how old I am. Okay, that may still happen. Oh well! It is what it is, am I right? Since my birthday has past so has the deadline for my 19 Before 20 list. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out my

first 19 Before 20

post which will explain more for ya. I'm not going to lie to you folks. I didn't do such a hot job on completing this list. But blogging is all about honesty, am I right?

one of my birthday presents was going to see a local theater

company preform Aida.  

Let's see how I did with the list..


Always keep fresh flowers in my house

 - I did a pretty decent job with this over the summer. Now I've moved to always have candles lit around the house.


Get married

 - done and done. See

all the photos here


3. Host a grown up dinner party

 - I'm so sad that we didn't get a chance to have a dinner party at the house. I just didn't get as much as done around the house as I wanted to before having people over. Next spring/summer for sure!

4. Really start writing a book

 - I did not complete this one because I've decided that I don't want to write a book at this moment. I really just want to focus on blogging and learning more about food.

5. Create a date night jar

 - I'm sort of sad that I didn't do this one but we did make a list of restaurants to visit.


See an old movie in theaters

 - I couldn't find any old movies playing in movie theaters but in my film class last semester at MU, we watched classic films on a screen that was almost the size of one at the theater. Totally counts.

7. Attempt to drive stick-shift

 - Still too nervous for this one.

8. Sew some clothing for myself

 - I wish I had done this one. But alas, I did not. I did find some tutorials and set up the craft corner in my office...

9. Practice my photography

 - I found an e-course that I


 want to do but it just wasn't in the budget this summer. Maybe in a few months I can do that one but I would also love an e-course on food photography. Any ideas?


Get to my goal wedding weight

 - Got there for the wedding and have stayed within in five pounds of the goal since.

11. Decorate our home, inside and out

 - Since this is the first place I've lived other than my parents' house (living in a dorm for two months does not count in my eyes) I overestimated how much it would cost and how much time it would take to decorate a three bedroom house.


Be a guest blogger

 - Here's

my post on Love To Go Happy

about making your own 19 Before 20 list!


Create a blog planning binder

 - done! I will have free downloads for all of you awesome people closer to the New Year.

14. Start running with Seth

 - neither of us had time for this nonsense. I did go for a run twice over the summer.

15. Try riding bike again

 - nope. Still too nervous.


Make a meal for somebody

 - I made dinner for my parents when my momma was sick.

17. Start a potted garden

 - I got a few herbs and veggies and put them in pretty tea tins but Seth put them outside because there was a bug on them. Then they died. Boo.

18. Do something spontaneous

 - we did a couple things spontaneously but nothing huge. We'll see what happens in the next few months.

19. Create a weekly meal planner

 - I did make a few versions but I've found it easiest to sort of come up with recipes after grocery shopping and I like to change my mind a lot and be spontaneous with my cooking and baking.

So I completed 7 out of 19 goals. I didn't even get half way. Ha. I've started putting a list together for my next birthday and I plan to give myself a larger amount of time to complete it rather than just one summer. Do you have a yearly birthday goals list? Did you do better than I did this year??