East vs. West: Ice Cream Edition

Come visit my favorite ice cream shop in Lancaster, PA and then visit one in California!

Today folks, I have a sweet treat for you! This awesomeness you are reading right now is the first in a series that I am doing alongside the lovely Jess from

Foreign Room

. I'm sure that you are wondering what exactly East vs. West is and the point of it. Since I love in good 'ol Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Jess lives over 2,000 miles away in the San Francisco Bay area in California we thought it would be fun to share and compare various things on either coast. Every Thursday we will be sharing some lovely details about a particular topic or place (i.e. ice cream shops, parks, restaurants, etc) and make sure you visit both of our blogs so you can see the differences on each coast! We've been planning this since July and I am so very excited for what's to come this month!

On Prince Street, right beside Prince Street Cafe (the cafe I work at) and across from The Fulton Theater, is a brightly colored ice cream shop called "Carmen & David's." Walking up to it you're greeted by quite an eclectic exterior, paint colors like bright purple, green, and orange and fun ice cream cone window decals all over the large windows. The inside isn't much different.

I took these photos at 5:30pm, just after they opened for their fall hours, so it was quite and most of the creamery was empty, there were only two other customers inside at the time. Aren't the vintage style nesting table and chairs just awesome? And of course an ice cream shop would not be complete without a bright orange sofa and a crocodile stuffed animal, right?

It's kind of our little piece of the tropics in the farmland. Ha.

Enter the cafe and to your left you are greeted by even more bright colts but these ones, serve the best purpose! It takes an entire wall to display and describe each of their delicious in-house made ice creams, sorbets, frozen yogurts, and general deliciousness! And do you see those sundaes on the black boards?! Oh my heavens I cannot even explain how amazing that PB Cap'n Crunch Sundae is!

Mmmm all of their ice creams are so yummy! And the staff is always bubbly and smiley and they are the sweetest because they often bring over mess ups or ice cream just because to the cafe for us staff. Seth and I love coming here for spontaneous date nights and we each get a scoop of ice cream (a single scoop is only $2.75). Last time we were there together I got Nutella topped with Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch and I can't remember exactly which one Seth got but it was either a mint one or a candy-bar inspired ice cream. There are two benches right outside the creamery but if they are full there's a couple steps out front or there's a bunch of outdoor tables at the cafe.

While I was snapping pictures for the post, I treated myself to a Root Beer Float...for dinner. 'Cause I can. Ohmygoshbeyonddelicous. I have been absolutely craving root beer floats this past week and a half. And their ice cream is so good and add on a not so big brand root beer and it's perfection.

This wraps up this week's edition of East vs. West. Don't forget to

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