East Vs West: Boutiques

First a disclaimer: I went downtown to take photos for this post and two things wrong happened. 1) the boutique was closed. Actually all boutiques were closed at 6pm. I forgot everything closes early in Lancaster so I only have photos of the outside for you and 2) I got there and pulled out my camera, turned it on, and realized that I left my SD card sitting on the living room side table. But I had my iPhone at least....so apologize. If you would like more photos I would love to do a follow up post! Onto the post...

Today for East vs. West


and I are talking about boutiques in our cities! I love shopping so much, don't you? And I love walking around the city, I find it so calming. So this little gem of a shop on North Queen Street in Lancaster is just the perfect place for me to browse in. This lovely boutique is called Mommalicious. Yes, you read correctly: Mommalicious. Such an awesome name, right?! Oh how I just love unique small businesses like this one.

Mommalicious sells an array of unique products including vintage clothing (organized by decade), vintage hats, vintage/retro furniture (sofas/vanity tables/etc), locally made jewelry and accessories, and lovely giftwares. I've gotten some lovely, unique gifts there a few times and they are always well-loved gifts. In the photo above you can see that the archway/roof thingy is covered in doors. Ha! I find that to be so extremely awesome! And to be honest, I only noticed the door detail a few weeks ago and I've been visiting the shop for close to three years. Yeah, I notice a lot.

I am so so sorry that you didn't get to see the inside of the shop, because it is just as fun and unique as the outside. This is one book you can judge by it's cover. 

Don't forget to check out Jess' blog,

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, I'm sure her photos are better than my iPhone photos of the outside of the boutique. Ha. Oh well...at least I owned up to it! There are only a few weeks left for East vs. West and next week is an outdoor themed post, I don't want to spill it, but it's going to be so much fun and Seth will even make an appearance. 



P.S. I do solemnly swear to never use iPhone photos on the blog again (unless it's an Instagram). And hold me to it!