Wedding Photos Part VII: Complete Wedding Party + More First Looks

I've given you all a little break from looking at my face (ha!) and while I'm off at Seth's family reunion it's time for you to look at more wedding photos! Trust me, I know that there are like a billion photos (okay like 465) so I apologize for the length but there are only two more sets after this (ceremony and reception). I hope you love these photos as much as I do and maybe my wedding will give you some ideas for you  if you're in the midst of planning! Again, all photos are by

Kent Mast


So I'm gonna throw in a few random pictures before the Father/Daughter First Look!

This is seriously one of my all time favorite photos from the wedding. This is my mom's step dad who is 87 years old. He can barely hear a thing and he goes to the same coffee shop every morning (well it's afternoon for him because they get up at like five) and has chicken corn soup. He and my grandma are so close to us and I am so glad he was front and center for the wedding...I totally saw him crying.

Now get ready for my first look with my dad.

Now a few photos of Seth and his Mama.

That is all for today my friends! Tomorrow I will be sharing a few ceremony decor details and pre-ceremony pics such as my handmade programs and my guests signing our guest book Bible.