Wedding Photos Part IX: The Ceremony

I loved our ceremony. We laughed the entire time and it was short and sweet (like me!!). Our pastor, Eric (for those of you who go to our church you would know him as Eric R. Keller and Associates (and for those of you that don't go to our church, there is no associates...he's just odd like that)). We obviously did pre-marital counseling with Eric prior to the wedding and it was really cool how he tied in some of the things we discussed during the meetings into the ceremony (you'll see some of that when I finally finish the wedding video). I'd also like to mention that I was so proud of my flower girl because she stood perfectly still and content up front with the bridesmaids during the entire ceremony even though I told her that she could sit down if she wanted.

Here was the basic set up of the chairs. We did a very slight arc on each side but more so on the left side (left in the picture). And we got the chairs for free from my dad's work, win!

Seth seating his mom and then a photo of his dad.

And my brother seating my mom.

Eric. 'Nough said.

I love Seth's face.

That is such an Eric face.

My dad giving his blessing and basically saying how awesome me and Seth are. He did a great job!

Our good friends Scott and Cayla sang/played

"You Are Great" by Brad & Rebekah

for the worship portion of the ceremony. They did a great job and it was absolutely beautiful!

We sort of stole a private moment during worship and I love that they caught it on camera!

Sethy saying his vows.

As you can see, I wrote my wedding vows like I would have written him a note when we were in high school. Love it!

This is something which I recommend everybody does at their wedding. We invited all of our guests to come lay their hands on us while Eric gave the final prayer of blessing. Seth cried so much after this. He said he just felt so loved and grateful that he couldn't hold it in any longer.

I think that picture of Eric is the perfect way to end this post. Ha.

I hope you enjoyed this set of photos, I still smile every time I look at them.