Wedding Photos Part VI: First Look + Couple Photos

These seriously are my favorite wedding photos. I know, I've said that for every set. They're all

just so good

. Ah! Today I'm sharing our first look and couple photos with you. Growing up I never wanted to do a first look. I was literally 110% against first looks until about three months before the wedding. I am so glad I gave in and did a first look. It helped calm both of our nervous and gave us tons and tons of time for photos. So if you are a bride to be, I completely recommend doing a first look because it will save on time between ceremony and reception and just calm your nerves.

Seth obviously knew that we were doing a first look but he didn't know how the first look would come about because I wanted to surprise him! I worked it all out with


 who agreed to photograph the guys in front of the Manor steps very last during the guys session. I then sneaked out of the front door and surprised him! And it was so cute that my girls and our parents


 had their faces stuck to the windows beside the doors watching our first look.

And guys, these first look photos make my heart ever so happy.

Goodness I love this one. Seth was all teary eyed and I got all teary eyed. But I didn't least not yet.

We were both all smiley and giggly.

Oh my. This one looks like it belongs in a magazine.

And the first look is now over. Now onto the gorgeous couple photos. This is gonna be another long post guys. But take your time cause I need helping choose which ones to get put on my walls.

So I adore this photo except for one little detail. The scars on my arm at and just below my tattoo. Those two are from a bread making incident and there's also a third below those two but it's older so it faded a bit more before the wedding. There's also another large one on my other arm. Anyone have any good scar fading products/tips/tricks?!

And that's it for our couple photos and first look! I think I'm going to wait until later on in the week to post the full wedding party photos. I don't want to annoy you guys with my wedding photos. But we really are about half way done with them! Woowhooo! Only 200 hundred more to go. It'd be crazy if I showed literally every single one of them to you because Kent gave us about 465 photos total. Crazy.