Wedding Photos Part V: The Groomsmen

Since the ladies went first it is now time for the groomsmen! Sethy looked so cute and kind of looked a bit nervous. So adorable! Mmmm I just love him. Anyways......beside Seth stood his best man/best friend Chris, his younger brother Zach, my younger brother Nate, and his friend Gabe.

As for their clothings...Seth wore a blue shirt from H&M, along with a skinny tie, black TOMS, and khakis from American Eagle. I told his groomsmen to wear a grey shirt (in any shade), with khakis, and black casual dressy shoes. I liked how it all turned out, especially since my gals wore all different colors of blue, it would have looked funny to have them all wear the exact same thing. I especially liked that Seth look different from the rest of the guys and really stood out.

Oh my word. My brother in this photo (to the left of Seth, the short one) is making such a thug face in this shot. Oh goodness.

I think that's my favorite groomsmen shot. They all look so serious. Ha. None of them are strictly serious guys.


This is also a cool shot in front of the Manor!

That's all for the groomsmen photos...what's that? You wanna know what's coming up next? Well...okay! It's our first look and couple photos. Ah! So good!