Wedding Photos Part IV: The Bridal Party

Today I am sharing the photos of me and my gals! I gave the ladies certain shades to shoot for with their dresses but obviously since they were picking their own dresses, they weren't going to be the exact same shades. And I absolutely love how everything turned out! The girls looked beyond gorgeous and they were just as excited as I was for the wedding. Such great friends!

First in this set, I would like to share a series of photos featuring myself and my gorgeous flower girl (and little cousin) Hayden. These honestly may be my most favorite photos out of all of my wedding photos because Hayden looks so happy. When I was a flower girl I just remembered feeling like a princess and I always wanted my flower girl to feel the same in my wedding. I let Hayden pick out her own dress (and she did a great job, I have to say) and I told her that her only jobs were to "Smile and have fun all day." She did such a great job and she looked absolutely adorable!

Isn't her headband adorable?! All we did was drop a headband off at the floral shop and they attached fresh flowers to it the day of the wedding. Beautiful! A great option if your flower girl has very thin, fine hair such as Hayden's, is to get a headband rather than a floral clip.

Now I shall introduce you to each of my six bridesmaids.

Meet Morgan. She and I met in second grade (where I met Avery and Emma) and have been friends ever since! In middle school she switched schools to a private school where she eventually graduated from, but the four of us still remained friends. Actually, any minute now, she is on her way to Ecuador to study abroad and I shan't see her again until Christmas! I'm so glad that we had this memory together before she left.

Meet Emma. I met her in second grade as well and although we were usually in the opposite classes Morgan and Avery helped keep us together. She doesn't usually dress up, so this was a big deal and she looked beyond gorgeous, don't you think? Emma has switched schools for the fall and will now be living on her on and be much closer to home, which is all awesome! And she's an amazing cook!

Meet Avery. She is the last one out of my second grade crew that I have to introduce to you. She is the crazy adventurer out of the four of us, that's why we need her in the group, or else at least I would be insanely boring. She can rock climb and teaches a yoga class at Gettysburg University, she's so legit.

Meet Emily. This lovely gal here is my new cousin! Emily is Seth's cousin on his mom's side and I had only met her maybe three or four times in the two and half years that Seth and I dated before getting married. But she is the sweetest girl and I knew she needed to be in the wedding party! Emily and her fam came all of the way from Altoona (okay, it's not that far but it ain't Lancaster) for the wedding which Seth and I are both so thankful for. Emily just got her permit so watch out everybody! *wink*

Meet Hannah. This gorgeous red head is my cousin and Hayden's big sis. Can you believe that she is only fourteen years old?! She looks like she's about my age she is so gorgeous! She is such a busy gal, especially for her age. A few days after the wedding she flew to Florida to stay with her dad for a few weeks then came home and went to band camp and cheerleading camp. She's crazy and I love her!

Oh look, another gorgeous shot of me and Hayden. I don't think she knows how to not be adorable.

And last but not least, meet Lauren, my maid of honor. Lauren and I met at the end of 2008 when we were in treatment for eating disorders. For both of us, it was some of the hardest times of our lives and honestly without her, I don't know where I'd be now. She immediately clicked with my family and she's basically my adopted sister. I love her to pieces and I'm so beyond thankful to have her in my life!

This one is my computer background at the moment.

I hope you loved these photos as much as I do! Next on the wedding photos series are the groomsmen photos so stay tuned