Wedding Photos Part II: The Guys Getting Ready

I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous photos


took at the salon because today I am showing you some awesome photos of the guys getting ready. Sethy looks so cute and just slightly nervous. So adorable!

That's Gabe.

Look at my little cutie. Gah I just love him so much!!

hehe he's trying to be serious. It just makes me smile!

There are a total of four groomsmen plus Seth. But it seems that like all the photos of the guys getting ready are of Gabe and Seth. Ha

And that's all. Seth


 having his photo taking so I was lucky to get this many! Isn't he just adorable getting ready? And it's a little hard to tell but the groomsmen are wearing different shades of grey shirts with different shades of khaki pants and Seth is wearing a blue shirt with black skinny tie and light khaki pants.

Coming up next in the wedding photos series are photos of the venue as well as photos of me getting dressed in my gorgeous Casablanca gown.