Wedding Photos Part I: At the Salon

I am so excited to share my wedding photos with you!


 did a great job, as usual, and I want a copy of every single one! I'm having a hard time getting all of the photos to fit in one photobook on


. It's quite a problem. 

Since there are over four hundred photos to share, I thought I would share sections of them with you over the next few weeks. First up is what I did first on my wedding day (June 21st) which was go get my hair and make up done at

Plum Salon and Spa

. Lani did such an amazing job on my hair and even a better job on my make up, let's just say the make up lasted through our interesting cake cutting/feeding. 

Just a few details from the Salon, I love that place!

So ignore my face right now, there isn't any make up on it yet. I actually don't have any photos at the salon with finished make up. Just focus on the hair.

My grandma! She was so excited and just glowing even more than I was haha

Oh my grandma and her iPhone ha

That's all for today, be sure to check back over every other day or so to see my wedding day unfold through photos!

photos from our wedding day, Part I: At the Salon.