Road Trip Essentials

what to bring along to make that road trip ride a little more enjoyable >>

With my wedding coming up just twelve short days, that means our road trip honeymoon to Boston is also coming up quite soon. It will take us a minimum of six hours to get there but who knows what the traffic around New York City will be like...Check out a few of my essentials for surviving a six hour drive done in one shot. 



Primed Poreless & Perfected To Go Duo

 $15.00, keep yourself looking pretty with a simple make up kit, don't go too crazy since you'll be sitting for so long, but just enough to feel refreshed.  


A bunch of yummy snacks

, some options are Cascadian

farm granola

, some

organic gummy worms

for Seth because he's a candy-aholic,

POP Chips

come in tons of different flavors and they are a lower calorie to potato chips,

Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter candy bar



Striped Bin

from the Container Store, I always have some sort of bin in my car for road trips to keep all my snacks, electronics, magazines, etc.  



eusable water bottle

, go green and also a less chance of spilling


 takes up less room in the car.  


FM Transmitter

, I had one of these guys but somehow I lost it...who knows what I was doing. This is an essential because my car only plays CDs and has no phone stereo jack dealio.  


Blotting papers

, it's inevitable that your face is going to get greasy and shiny while sitting in a hot car for hours at a time.

What are your road trip essentials? Planning any big trips this summer??

what to bring along to make that road trip ride a little more enjoyable >>