Updated 19 Before 20 List

Check out my updated 19 Before 20 birthday bucket list. Get inspiration for your own bucket list! Click through to see the fun >>>

Welcome to the new and improved list of nineteen things I wish to accomplish before I turn twenty years old on September 18th of this year. These should make some interesting blog posts to say the least. I hope you enjoy it! If you have a similar list, leave a link in the comments, I'd love to see it!

  1. Always keep fresh flowers in the house - flowers bring beauty into a home and they make me smile. And that's what I want my home to feel like all the time. 
  2. Get married - this one is easy! It's happening on June 21st of this summer! That means just sixty days to go and I wish it would happen faster!
  3. Host a grown-up dinner party - I was inspired by Megan of The Fresh Exchange and her beautiful photos of dinner parties and fabulous tablescapes. Since I have a wonderful home with plenty of space, there's no reason that Seth and I cannot accomplish our dream of always having friends over but I do want to host a legit, fancy dinner party with official snail-mail invites and everything! See my Pinterest board of tablescapes for some inspiration.
  4. Really start writing a book - I want to make a living off of writing and I'd love to create a fantastic story that inspires young readers to love to read. I have a few story ideas now, so wish me luck! If something awesome happens with a manuscript or if I even manage to finish a manuscript, I'll be sure to let you know, don't you worry!
  5. Create a date night jar - I found this date night jar on Pinterest and I'd love to make one with Seth so that we don't end up just sitting on the sofa watching Psych every night. Ha.
  6. See an old movie in theaters - Last summer one of our local theaters showed classic films on Monday nights and I'm hoping they do it again because I'd love to watch a Hitchcock film or Audrey film on a screen that it was originally made to be seen on.
  7. Attempt to drive stick-shift - My car is automatic and Seth's is manual. Just in case something happens to my car I should probably know how to drive Seth's. This should be interesting...
  8. Sew some clothing for myself - A few years ago I asked my grandma for this amazing sewing machine for Christmas and I've only used it a few times. It really is amazing. And I really do want to be able to sew my own clothing, it's fun and saves a little bit of money (I hope).
  9. Practice my photography - I'm hoping to take an e-course sometime or some sort of online class or find some sort of book to work through.
  10. Get to my goal wedding weight and keep it there - I believe I'm still there right now, but last
  11. time I was weighed at the doctors I was up a pound. It may not seem like much to you, but a pound can make all the difference with a wedding dress.
  12. Decorate our home, inside and out - Seth and I were planning on renting a one bedroom apartment and instead we were blessed to be able to rent a three bedroom house with a small side yard in the city. So it'll take a little bit more money than we had planned on but I have some awesome (well, I think they're awesome) ideas for making our house a home.
  13. Be a guest blogger on one of my favorite blogs - An awesome way for a small blog to get big recognition is by guest posting on a bigger blog.
  14. Create an epic blog planning binder - I have big dreams for this blog and being organized is going to be the key to success!
  15. Start running with Seth - This sort of goes along with the wedding weight and what not but it's also just a healthy thing to do since the only exercise I get currently is running around the cafe.
  16. Trying riding bike again - Long story short, I haven't ridden a bike since I was in 8th grade when I fell off the bike and shattered my wrist and had to have surgery. Seth adores riding bike and really wants it to be something that we can do together, so for him, I'm willing to try it.
  17. Make a meal for somebody - I love cooking and taking a meal to somebody's home is such a great way to bless them. I would also love to sign up for that list at church where people volunteer to make meals for people in need.
  18. Start a potted garden - Since I'm renting and I'm in the city, I can't really dig and plant a garden but potted gardens can be just as cute, if not cuter! I'm also planning on an indoor herb garden that I'm going to plant in pretty little tea tins.
  19. Do something spontaneous - I'm known for being a planner, and usually I over plan things. But Seth is spontaneous and it makes me want to be just a little spontaneous as well! This one really will be loads of fun!
  20. Create a fantastic weekly meal planner - Since we are young, we are on a fairly tight budget and planning ahead on meals will help us save money by keeping track of everything.

I hope you are excited for this adventure, as I am, and if you want to join me, leave a comment below with a link to your blog!